Bambi’s Story: A Campaign for Organ Donation


While working for a mid-sized media company, I learned firsthand how important using project management leadership and team-building skills can be in producing life-changing results. I discovered that an average of 20 people die each day waiting for life-saving organ transplants. In an effort to help an organ donation non-profit increase awareness about the need for donations, I thought showing the human side of those statistics would be an effective way to inspire change. I led a team in directing a multimedia production about Bambi Thomas, a young mother waiting for a heart transplant. I persuaded management to allocate time for the project, recruited co-workers for my team, networked with medical professionals, and negotiated a strategic alliance with an organ donation non-profit network, leading to the distribution of the production throughout North America and Europe in several languages. The project was awarded public service honors for saving lives.

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