While working for a startup I was tasked with the responsibility of mapping out the user experience leading to the design of an outdoor-recreation travel app. I used interviews to identify key customer pain points, concerns, and priorities. I then mapped out a composite of the day-to-day patterns common among the target group and highlighted key opportunities for business model and feature development. The data was then turned into a graphical representation of the customer’s journey and used by team members to guide the creation of low-fidelity prototypes for ongoing user testing and learning opportunities. By mapping the user’s day-to-day journey, we were better able to emphasize with them which guided our design.



Teaching Philosophy Creating Learning Experiences The six short, single-spaced paragraphs looked horribly incomplete – after all, the assignment called for at least two pages. Compared to submissions from his classmates, the effort seemed half-hearted, irresponsible, and negligent – unless you take a closer look. And I did. I’ve found that regularly [...]



I’ve been building and leading teams for my entire career across different industries – in media as an editor (in journalism talk that means a manager who has subject matter expertise in writing, editing, and visual communication), as a project manager, in non-profit work, and as a founder of startups. In each situation, I’ve become skilled at using interviewing techniques to build better team dynamics, enhance motivation, and establish clearer vision.

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